I am a dealer and was put on to CarId from a friend of mine that is not in the business.

Let me tell you that I took 3 different phone calls to set up my dealer account. My first order consisted of 4 different cars.

Which made the ordering process painful since they took the order over the phone (my 3phone call to follow up on setting up my acct) The rep told me that I will take 24hrs for the order to process and then things will ship out from different warehouses through out the country. No problem except for it took 2weeks for me to get half of the order. The other half was on back order. Which the restock was a month away.

I dont get it. How do I order say simple oil filters and it out of stock and takes a month for it to come in. Who in the *** is going to wait that long. But I took a week to tell me that along with 5 other items.

Bad business when you are a dealer and the customer needs it alot quicker. I will stick with the Local dealerships/amazon and OEM ebay.

Monetary Loss: $690.

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New York, New York, United States #842240

Hi! I don't know how the carid has certificate of BBB with kind of service like these???

Tons of the complaints!!!

IF NOBODY CAN'T to punish the carid, i think we can do it together!!! send me your situation with carid and i know how to punish them $) mail to sagara.tea@gmail.com


We sincerely apologize for this miscommunication and for the products that were on backorder. We definitely understand your feelings and appreciate your feedback even though it is negative.

We made a mistake on your order and would love to get this transaction completed for you. Unfortunately we were not able to find your order in our system and we kindly ask you to provide us with some information (Order Conformation#).

Please reply to this comment or email at stan.ti@carid.com to get assistance.

Your time and cooperation will be greatly appreciated!


Consumer Relations Department at CARiD.com

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