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I had ordered a gift card in early November for a Christmas gift. By the end of Nov I had to call over and over again to see why the card wasn't shipped, I was continuously told that someone would call me back with a status update.

Yeah Ok. So now it's almost Christmas, I finally get a functioning human being on the phone and the card was sent out. I give it as a gift and of course when the person tries to use it Christmas night it says the card is invalid. When I called the sales woman told me to pay using my credit card and request a reimbursement.

What?! Not happening, so I called 2 more times to get it resolved and was told the same thing, so whats the point of a gift card?? I said I wanted a refund and they said ok 24-48 hours. Almost a week later I still didn't have my money back.

I called yet again and was told oh no, we fixed the gift card for you; I told the woman no I no longer want the card I just want my money back.

As of now I still have not received a refund on this card and had to file a dispute with my bank. Absolutely ridiculous!

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I would never do business with these people again. A bunch of thieves.

And to this "Stan" claiming he will fix your problem, just ignore him. These people should be avoided like HIV.


Dear deeeb113,

Once again, we are really sorry for all inconvenience. My name is Stan and I work in Consumer Relations Department. I kindly ask you to contact me at

I would like to be sure that you will get a refund in time.

Thank you for your time and patience!


Consumer Relations Department


Dear deeeb113,

We sincerely apologize for the experience with our company judging by your feedback. We would like this to be brought to attention to prevent such issues in the future and improve our customer service. We will need to get some personal information to find your order in our system. Your money will be refunded to your account as fast as possible, because our reputation is very important to us. Please reply here and also you can contact us at

Please be sure that you will be assisted in a timely manner. Your time and cooperation will be greatly appreciated!


Consumer Relations Department

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