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I ordered a part for this customer, said I would have it in 4-6 days, on the 7th day I called, said it would ship that day. I asked why since they already took my money days earlier....then they said it was one that had to be manufacutered.

Wrote a note to their customer service, never heard back from them, then called the general manager the next day, he said he called the manufacturer and it wasn't even possible to send it for several more days and couldn't assure me anything. This took almost 40 minutes on the phone - 3 minutes of talking, 37 on hold in various modes. He said I should cancel the order....I do not trust this company, they take your money before they do anything else. I am disputing their charge on my account because I don't feel assured they will ever process my credit.

Don't use this company unless you want to be dissappointed.

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In response to "Super A... comments" when you order off the phone you have no SUBMIT button and there are no terms except the "word" of the sales person.

You must work for them. These folks DO NOT need to be given a chance, they are unethical and *** artists....don't be fooled.

Choose your products elsewhere...not all websites are like this...this is the only company I've ever ordered from that were not honest. In the economy today, you work to hard to be ripped off.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #42975

Written by Super Anonymous,Maybe if all of you people would read the blatantly obvious terms and conditions you are agreeing to when placing these orders, you will be a much more educated and much WISER consumer instead of clicking SUBMIT has nothing to due with being informed, who thinks their going to get ripped off really. This people are so good at it its like breathing for them; they dont even think twice to lie and steal your hard earned money. Death to their business put them under.......


Maybe if all of you people would read the blatantly obvious terms and conditions you are agreeing to when placing these orders, you will be a much more educated and much WISER consumer instead of clicking SUBMIT blindly.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #40768

How can you charge me a restocking fee if you send me the wrong item, not once but twice? I'll tell you how, because your company is a rip off.

No real company would do that besides some half ran one, who tries to rip people off at every turn. After getting ripped off I used another company named exotic wood dash!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #40765

I ordered a steering wheel but found the same one for $85.00 cheaper. I contacted the company on 4 seperate e-mails and a letter written in my core exchange steering wheel package.

Two of the e-mails were to the guy that sold me the wheel on the telephone. They have not responded and they have not credited my $100.00 core replacement nor my extra $85.00 for the price match. I will give them 7 more days then I am going to dispute the $185.00 charge with my credit card company.

If you need something go to They stand by their products, great sales and will even respond to e-mails and questions when you have them.


But I would not order from this company. They are liars.

I know this for a fact. And are very shady people




At Wood Dash Experts we strive to be the best in the buisness and make sure that the customer is always happy. Unfortunately mistakes do happen however when they do we do our best to correct the mistakes and make sure that you the customer are happy.

You the customer after all are our number 1 priorty. In regards to Lal's comments i apologize for the inconvience but we do charge you once the order is placed for a reason. This way we can "reserve" the item for you. This doesnt take to long and most items are shipped out within 3-5 days and the item should be recieved within a 7-10 days worse case scenario however this rarely happens.

And most items are recieved before then. In regards to Bob we do ship Internationally however we do not pay duties since the customer is ordering from an international company that is something they should be aware of. However when a customer does call we do our to best to give them the best price avaible to help elevatie some of the cost occured from duties. We are currently working with Bob to get this issued resolved.

With Brent the re-stocking fee is something that is in our policies we do have to charge the restocking fee on products. That is something that we can not change.

Once again these are just a few of out of the many customers we have. Most of our customers leave happy and alot of our customers are repeat customers that love shopping from us.

Hulme, England, United Kingdom #27420

Warning----Do not deal with wood dash experts. they are a terrible company to deal with I ordered a dash kit from them they quoted me $253.72 including freight and shipped from Canadian warehouse.

When I received it was incorrect. They advised would ship correct kit.when Ireceived it I HAD TO PAY $57.25 Duty, it was shipped from USA they did not advise.

I had to prepay return freight for incorrect item $40.07 . I have now paid $351.72 for an item I was quoted $253.72 for and there general manager says too bad .People do not deal with these ripoff artists.

Cape Otway, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #22705

I ordered fender trims for 2008 Toyota HL last May. After more than a week, I received the package, correctly labeled as the trim for my truck.

However, when I opened the package the item inside are trims for a grand marquis car. I contacted them for return, and after 4 weeks they sent me an RMA and a replacement. The replacement was the same incorrect item sent the first time, so I returned the item and just asked for a refund. Two months after I placed the order and after 2 wrong item sent, I finally received my refund.

However, it is $10 less than what I originally paid for.

I am fed up with this company and have filed dispute with my credit card compnay to get the $10 back. Beware, when you call them they have this marketing ploy of having you listen to some of their advertisement that would make you feel they have excellent customer service, however, truth of the matter is it is completely the opposite.

San Quentin, California, United States #20674

I also had terrible experiance from Wood Dash Experts. They sent me the wrong parts and when I returned them for exchange for the right ones, they charged me a $40 restocking fee!!

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