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Update by user Feb 26

Dear Lebarron, Thank you for getting back to me. The refund $75.00 can be processed without the return to keep the front bumper and work with it locally.

Extreme Dimensions techs cannot deem the part defective since the rebar needs to be removed to make the part fit correctly. As all if not most aftermarket parts including made by other manufacturers as well will sometimes require removal or modifications of the rebar. Still, if you prefer to keep rebars installed, the alternative option may be trimming behind the bumper where the vent is, to not have it touch when slid back more. This is one of the alternative modifications that can be done for proper fitment of the front bumpers.

If you prefer to send the front bumper back, I will be able to refund $101.70 - the price for the part, $190.00 is our shipping cost it is not refundable unless parts are deemed defective buy the manufacturer or if the wrong part sent. We pay this amount to the carrier to deliver the parts, you can ship the part back via any carrier you prefer. Look forward to hearing form you soon. For immediate technical assistance please call directly at 800.505.3274, ext.

82. We are here for your satisfaction before and after your purchase.

Thank you and have a great day! Sincerely, CARiD Alice Customer Service Customer Experience Center Phone: 800.505.3274 Email: support@carid.com

Update by user Feb 26

Apparently, CARID watches a site called sitejabber and replies only to this site. Put a review on there and they will contact you! Here's mine: https://www.sitejabber.com/users/lebarrond I got a reply and they are attempting to resolve the issue after 5 reps told me "No!" Although it isn't the outcome that benefits me the most..it is a compromise.

Update by user Feb 22

So after a LOT of back and forth the website says the the bumpers are for "Show" so they are selling these things knowing they won't fit. The manufacturer said I have to take the reinforcement bar out to make this fit.

Bad bad business. Please don't make the same mistake I did and give carid your money.

Update by user Feb 19

I tried to put the bumper on and it doesn't Fit. Despite the original issue being that they took forever to re-send the part and me having to reschedule everything this is what they tell me when I asked for a return auth.:Dear LeBarron,Thank you for contacting CARiD.com!We apologize for the troubles occurred.

The purchased bumpers are listed to fit 2006-2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse Base Model, GS, GT, GS Spyder, GT Spyder, SE-V6.Please confirm if you have the issue with both bumpers....I look forward to your reply.Unfortunately, we can not guarantee any outcome as the 30 days return period has expired, but we will try to help you.Thank you for your business with CARiD.com and have a great day!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So they ARE looking into it, but they cannot guarantee that they can resolve because it's one day past the 30 day mark. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My reply: Thanks for the quick reply.I will get you all that information as soon as I get home today, but the original part was on order number 28097449. Please forgive me as this is a little upsetting because your shop took over a MONTH to replace and correct the original part which was cracked which I had the mechanic lined up for originally and could have told you within the 30 days that it was a fitment issue if I had the original part when I ordered it and I had to reschedule the appointment for installation.

So a little grace on being a day late on notifying you that there is an issue shouldn't be to much to ask as it seems you can take forever to correct a problem, but to not afford the same courtesy to customers seems a little egregious and yesterday was a holiday. The issue is with the back bumper and the mechanic didn't install the front bumper, but they came together.

Update by user Feb 11

After being told to pretty much "Deal with it" the bumpers FINALLY came on Jan 18. This time the box was in tact.

Any activity in response to this review?...NOPE nothing. They don't care that they wasted my time. They don't care that now that they wasted my time my car is unusable because the registration expired while waiting on them(yes I know it's my responsibility to take care of registration, but had they delivered the part when I ordered it or corrected it promptly I would have had this resolved in time to get the DMV to inspect the car after the accident and re-register my car)!

Do they care that I have spent countless hours dealing with this mess? NO all they know is they have a "process" and no humanity.

Update by user Jan 03

After waiting and basically being called a liar, I still had to wait longer for the Manufacturer to tell CarID I wasn't lying...which like I stated before IF I was asking for a refund...maybe you could get suspicious, but I wasn't I just wanted a new part AND if I took the part and THEN tried to return it maybe that would be a good argument also...but I never took the shipment after inspecting it. Anyway I called back today (1/3/2019) and had the pleasure of speaking with Kerrie...Car ID, YOU SHOULD GIVE HER A RAISE.

Even though she couldn't give me any additional discount or expedite shipping any further she LISTENED and TRIED to see if anything else was available to compensate for all the weeks of lost time. Long story short they are sending out new parts Monday after 3 weeks of waiting.

Original review posted by user Dec 28, 2018

Ordered a front and back bumper from them. The initial shipping was flawless and came quickly, but I noticed there was a crack in the bumper before the freight guy left so I refused the package.

2 weeks go by and car ID still hasn't sent the part out. So I call and they said that the freight carrier said there was no damage so now they have to wait on the manufacturer to inspect the part and determine if they are sending a new one. Now I'm at the mercy of the manufacturer to make a determination on whether to send this same part out or to send me another part once they see the damage. Car ID said sorry for the inconvenience with a $15 gift card...after I drop $400 on parts and shipping $15 is supposed to make it better?

Not to mention the lost appointment with my body shop to install and the wasted time on the phone with these clowns. I still don't have a bumper and after calling the carrier, who said they delivered the part on 12/27, and speaking with the manufacturer (Extreme Dimensions), who said that Car ID doesn't need anything from them to send out a new part and after the run around from Car ID refusing to let me speak to a manager and telling me the only recourse is to wait.

I asked them what are they going to do after they are at fault...they said "send out another part for free". ITS NOT FREE IF YOU GIVE ME WHAT I PAID FOR!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Duraflex Xyz 103920 Bumper.

Reason of review: Conflicting stories/lost time.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Carid Pros: Kerrie.

Carid Cons: Customer service, Lies by support staff, No supervisor to voice complaints too, Blaming others, Calling me a liar.

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