Truthfully I don't think Carid is out to screw us but in the end they screwed me hard. How did a dash kit and floor mats end up costing me nearly $1000 when it showed in my "cart" as just over $300.

Firstly their added shipping charges are thru the roof. I suspect this is built in to their "advertised" price to hook you. Secondly, more f*#*kin' shipping charges when it gets to your door. None of money you agreed to spend on the shipping actually went to the company who knocks on your door.

In my case the shipment came in two boxes at separate times. I paid UPS for the floor mats (1st box) an insane $200 for shipping and stupidly thought this would cover the mystery shipping charges on the box with the dash kit assumed to be arriving very soon after. Well, no suck luck. Weeks later the second box arrived at which time I learned they wanted another $180.

I was pissed so I refused the delivery and promptly got on the phone with Carid. I expressed to them my disappointment to which they explained the all the fine print to me and after offering a $50 discount I agreed to accept the second package. (Yes, I was getting stupider by the moment but if it is any kind of defence I was blindly excited about the upgrades to my vehicle). Well guess what...

Now they lost the F*#*kin package. I waited 3 more weeks to learn that. So I file a claim with the delivery company who in turn file a claim with Carid. So after months have gone by Carid and the shipper have all my money and I'm still sitting here with no merchandise.

At the time of writing this I'm still optimistic - my gut tells me I might finally see a refund for the dash kit next week but they could easily prove me wrong. As I said I'm getting dumber dealing with this.

Wait!, I just had a horrible thought, what if next, Carid sees in their customer service logs the $50 they offered me AS THE REFUND...woah, won't that be next level chest pains - lets hope it doesn't come to that.In summary, I won't tell you not to order from Carid but I'm sure never going to look down that barrel ever again. Life is too short to be pissed off - that *** turns into cancer for sure...besides, what the *** do I need a stick on dash kit for anyway!!

User's recommendation: Be keenly aware of the total shipping charges.

Location: Sherwood Park, Alberta

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