I ordered some wheels from carid.com on line.I asked them could 22 inch rims fit on my car. They assured me that they would without having to do any modifications to my car.After learning that i couldn't put 22 inch rims on my Mercedes S 430 without having to modify it.

I tried to call cancel my order before it was shipped out.I was told that i couldn't. I told them that the rims and tires wouldn't fit and that i didn't want them so don't send out the order.They without my permission took over $3000 out my account. Now I'm stuck rims i cant use & they wont exchange nor i can return. Leigh Kean with the Wheels & Tire team said i agreed to in a email to do work on my car to make the tires fit.

I did not! He told me to take pictures of the rims and tire on my car.I send pictures showing that the tires are too big to go on my car. Yet he still says its nothing he can do! I first contacted them Feb.10 online.I placed my order on Feb.25.

I received it today Mar.18 2013. PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!

They mean you no good!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Why order rims too big to fit....you need to research not just take one websites word for it.

to Anonymous #1300249

Cause Shaniqua there probably saw Jay-Z in a pimped out ride in some c Rap video and just HAD to try and attempt doing the same thing to some used and beat mercedes, not knowing that cars in those rap videos are heavily modified and RENTED or borrowed just for the video shoots!

Chalk another one up to monkey ignorance/illiteracy!

Matawan, New Jersey, United States #910874

Did you even install the wheel to see if it didn't rub? it looks like you just put the wheel next to the car and said it didn't fit. You can put 22" on there, may have to do a slight fender roll if any.

to the guy #1300244

Yeah, just a "slight" fender roll! LOL

There's not much wheel-well lip/overhang to roll on those S430's, besides the fact that they would all rub, on even small bumps, the front's would rub on turns, if you even could turn it at all.

HAHA! What a du mm y to buy such oversized wheels

Springfield, Missouri, United States #625766

Well how dumb is that. You should measure before you order.

Visit a mercedes forum before you order and find out.

Stay away from gangsta 22's period.

If they said they fit however they should take them back and they will if you pay the return shipping but you do not want to pay nothing.

to Mark #1300254

Of course it doesn't want to pay a cent for shipping!

It probably already wasted all it's welfare on them giant ugly rims!

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