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1) Wednesday 3/7/18 Bought part which I was told was in stock, paid extra for overnight delivery. Waited for tracking #, which was never sent, part not delivered next day.

2) Thursday 3/8/18 Contacted Carid by email to resolve issue (never heard back) and then by phone and was told it should have been shipped but they don’t have a tracking #. Was offered $25 refund on next purchase by a clueless phone representative (I had paid $49 for overnight so $25 discount on a next purchase was a ridiculous offer) so had to speak to a supervisor to get the full $49 overnight delivery cost refunded and a promise that it would now be shipped overnight to arrive Friday 3/9/18. I accepted the delivery refund and promise of overnight delivery. When no tracking # was received phoned them up again, spoke to another clueless and unhelpful representative who tried to tell me it was normal not to receive a tracking #, then spoke with another supervisor who called their parts dealer and assured me that even though there was no tracking #it had been shipped overnight and would be delivered tomorrow. I said repeatedly that did not make sense, once shipped there is always a tracking # but was given a story of how this relates to a computer communication issue between their dealer and carid and not to worry.

3) Friday 3/9/18 no tracking # received and no part delivered. Started the whole above process over with new clueless representative and polite but monumentally ineffective supervisor with the same *** and bull story that the part was shipped overnight, no worry about the tracking # being NA, etc and a promise by the supervisor to call me back within the hour to clear everything up. Supervisor never called back, tracking # never received, part never received the following day.

4) Saturday 3/10/18 Called to cancel order and receive my money back. No service on Saturday or Sunday so no one to speak with. Will call on Monday to cancel order.

Summary: In Stock item was not in stock. Overnight delivery promise not kept. Custom service completely ineffective, was repeatedly lied to. Expect to get my money back for non delivery tomorrow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carid Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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