I ordered four rims on March 28, paid for over night delivery and was told they would arrive Monday March 30. Monday comes, no delivery, called customer service, was told they would arrive Tuesday. Tuesday no delivery, I call, they say, a mistake was made, they were not shipped over night, they will arrive April 3. April 3, no delivery. When I ordered the rims they said they were in stock, when the rims finally arrived they were drop shipped from the manufacturer in California.

I took the rims to Firestone who installed the rims and new tires. When I drive away the steering wheel begins shaking. I go back to Firestone, they take the tires off and tell me that the rims are defective, they are not symmetrical.... I call customer service, I talk to Catarina, who tells me I need to take pictures and a video of the wheels. Which would show what? Would that show the vibration that occurs now when I drive the car? She doesn't listen to anything I say, I give her the phone number of Firestone so they can explain the problem. Before our call is finished I ask her to call me back before the end of business today, she agrees. Surprise, surprise, she does not call. So I guess CarId things that I am lying, that I have nothing better to do than to complain about rims that I need on my car. They don't care if the customer is happy, that became very clear, I have to prove to them that there is problem.

Yesterday they told me that I have to take the car to a special shop to have the front wheels tested to see if there is a problem. So now, I have to *** work, have the wheels tested to prove to them that there is a problem, which Firestone has already confirmed. Then how long will I have to wait to get the new rims for the front wheels?????

This is a joke, they will tell you anything to get your order but if there is problem, they could careless. So I guess now I have no choice but to contact my credit card company and stop payment on the order. My order number is 12276960.

When you spend over $1400 on an order, and the product is defective, you would think the company would do what ever it takes to make it right, their attitude is that they could care less about the inconvenience and lost time that this is going to cost me. I have already talked to a relative who is a lawyer, who will be pursuing this matter. This is not right and I will pursue it, no matter how long it takes.less

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That's all messed up and o plan to order from them to so thanks for the heads up.


We are sincerely sorry to know, that you had such negative shopping experience with our company. We understand how frustrating this situation is, and understand that it needs to be resolved in a timely manner.

We passed this case to our Consumer Relations Department. The Manager called you on the 22nd of April, but was not able to reach you via the phone. She left a voice mail with her personal contact information.

If you would like to resolve this case as soon as possible, please get back to our Manager at your earliest convenience. She will be glad to address all your concerns.


Consumer Relations Department at CARiD.com

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