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I ordered the Lexani R-Twelve wheels, with tires, mounted, balanced and ready to install. First off, let me mention that I wasn't able to get the specific wheels I had initially wanted, so I had to choose a slightly different wheel.

(that was my first disappointment) The second disappointment was, once they finally arrived and were installed on my BMW 650I, I suddenly had a vibration in the back-end and a "wobble" in the steering. Turns out that all 4 of the tires had been balance improperly and had to be re-balanced.

My opinion is, that after spending nearly $3K on a wheel/tire package from Carid, you'd think it would have been done right! Not a very happy customer...

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We are really sorry to hear that the wheels were not balanced properly as we rarely have such issues with the Wheel&Tire orders. if you need some help with the existing order please feel free to contact us at stan.ti@carid.com to get assistance in the shortest terms.

Thank you for your feedback about this experience with our company and thanks for your time!


Consumer Relations Department at CARiD.com

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