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The original bumper on my pickup truck was aged and pitted, but otherwise undamaged, so I wanted to replace it. I purchased a replacement bumper from CARiD (manufactured by "Replace").

$206 with shipping cost. It arrived in good condition and looked exactly like the original bumper, except that it was lighter and obviously of a thinner material. When I installed it, while tightening the bolt with a hand ratchet, the bumper actually bent. The truck has never been in an accident, and the brackets are completely original and undamaged in any way.

So I reached out to CARiD and sent them a picture of the installed bumper. Their initial response was that they would request a return authorization. The next day I received another response saying that they would not take the bumper back because it was damaged by faulty installation. Really?

How hard is it to put a bolt through a hole and fasten the nut on the back? How do you mess that up? They offered to send me $20 ... that is less than 10% of my original cost.

When I complained about that response, they changed their story and told me I must have ordered the wrong part. Their website clearly stated that this item was exactly like OE and that it was the correct fit for my vehicle. I also verified the vehicle application and fit of their listed OE number with multiple other retailers. It was the correct part.

When I told them this, they replied one more time, this time offering me $30 and a $25 CARiD gift card. When I told them that wasn't going to satisfy me and that I wanted to return the bumper for refund, they failed to respond at all. I am usually not one to complain or do negative reviews, but this item was clearly of inferior quality and CARiD refused to stand behind it. Their website says "Same quality as OE for less" and "Same gauge material as OE".

I measured the thickness of the new bumper against the old one using a micrometer ... the new bumper is only 66.1% of the thickness of original bumper. I have been working on cars for over 50 years and I have restored three vehicles in my life. I know my way around cars and car parts and I know quality merchandise and satisfactory customer service when I see it ...

and you are not likely to find either of these things at CARiD. My advice ... do not buy "Replace" bumpers and definitely steer clear of CARiD.

They sell cheap junk and won't stand behind it. Mike F.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bumper.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You damaged it during installation.


They don't know if you're a brain surgeon or a stock boy.

No refund on customer damaged goods.

You should have known by the price and manufacturer that you weren't getting a genuine identical replacement part.

That's a lesson that once learned is rarely forgotten.

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