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Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale:

“Never, ever purchase or do business with Carid, they have the absolute worst customer service department with no professional supervision oversight in the form of horrible business practices!”

I am concerned about Carid and the wheels that I purchased from them. I ordered 4 x 22" Savini BM-14 wheels from Carid. They ordered TPMS sensors from the Ferrari Dealer and were supposed to install the sensors on the wheel and mount and balance 4 Pirelli tires.

I know that Savini wheels are of good quality, but you should know that Carid has been making brand name products look bad.

I just received my wheels on Friday June 15th and installed them on my car. After driving at about 110 mph, the two front wheels on my car started making a high-pitched clicking noise, my whole car started to shake out of control, and I almost wrecked and could have possibly lost my life in the act.

I took the car to a custom wheel shop and they broke the tires down for me. Low and behold, Carid tied off the TPMS sensors to a silver metal band wrapped around the center of the Savini wheels and never installed the sensors to standard into the hole that the sensors were supposed to be secured to.

I am not sure why they did that, but when I called them, they were very rude to me and no one from Carid can explain to me let alone show any empathy, sympathy, nor compassion for my concern. BLUF: They are blowing me off etc. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that he wasn’t available and that I needed to wait for 48hrs for a return call, today marks the 96 hour timeline and I still have not heard back from a supervisor.

I do not expect anyone here to care about my issue with Carid, but I wanted you to know what Carid is doing in the name of Savini and many other brand wheels to good customers.

I spilled blood for my country in both Iraq and Afghanistan and feel like I have been demoralized by these folks after spending hard earned money on a product that damn near could have taken my life away from me. I have a great deal of distrust and or lack of confidence in the ability of any manager that supervises or audits quality control and customer service relations with good people in this country.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carid Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Carid Cons: Experience never again will they get my business stay away.

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Your tire installer should have known the sensors get installed with valve stems.


Your tire installer should have put the sensors in the holes and check everything before installing any tires as I own a tire shop/mechanic shop. That is who you need to be submitting this review on.

I also served in Iraq and Afghanistan and find it unnecessary and ignorant when that kind of statement is made. Don't pull the veteran card. WE chose to do what we did by joining, so don't act as if you were forced to join.

shame on you. I'm not too happy with CARID right now either, but I'm not pulling the veteran card with them.


I have the exact same feeling


Ordered a steering wheel for my 02 F350. Got it It fit great.

It’s the 150.00 deposit I’ve been waiting on sense May. They got the core/old one before the 20 day dead line.

Tracked to delivery point. No excuse is valid.