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CarId is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are crooks who sell used, broken, parts as new, and parts that don't fit. They then refuse to issue an RMA within 24-48 hours as their Return policy states. They will ask you for photos of "proof" over and over again over a span of weeks. They will hang up on yet, claim they never got your email, claim they didn't receive email attachments, claim they can't click on a link in an email, etc. Either they are extremely ***, or they are purposefully following a script of deliberate delays; my guess is it is both. They pass off your case to a new employee every day.

I ordered a set of car seat covers for my Mazda MX-3 from

On 9/17/2016 we tried to install them on my car seats, where we discovered that some of the car seat cover buckles were broken and that they did not fit my seat, even though the CarId website said it would fit my car. Since the buckles were broken, it appears that I received a used / previously returned item.

On 9/19/2016 I contacted CarId about a refund. As of today, 9/28/2016, they refuse to issue me a RMA# and return instructions so I can receive a refund of $114.72. I have called them 3 times, online chatted with them 2 times, and sent 15 emails. Still no RMA and no return instructions, and no refund. They insisted on receiving photos of the covers and the broken buckles, which I have now sent 4 times and my car's VIN. In addition, they want photos of the interior of my car, which I have sent them 3 times.

So far I have dealt with John Pa, Monica Turke, Megan Gol, Victor Leon, Hannah Kort, Eli, and Monica, none of whom have done anything but play dumb.

I filed a complaint about with my credit card, filed a fraud case with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, at, and am looking into various legal options.

This reviewer shared experience about "ever issue listed above" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $115. The author is overall dissatisfied with Carid and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about car seat cover from Carid was post-sales service and customer support Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Absolutely the exact same experience as I am having. I kept such good records too so they are likely screwed by their own words.

They contradicted their own policies, each other and even themselves and let me just say, I thought maybe I was being harsh by labeling them as crooks but you hit the nail right on the head. They are the worst company to deal with and there is none worst. Maybe some just as bad, but, none worst. I am more than protected by the PayPal buyer protection and I am so glad I didn't pay for the item yet and I refuse to even give them a dime.

I am sure to get a refund but CARID is very criminal in their practices as a business and do not show the least bit of professionalism to give them so much as a consideration. If anyone buys from them successfully it is because they didn't receive a problem yet. Everyone is happy when they get something that works. but when you get a bad item, this is when true colors are revealed and you will wish you bought from Amazon.

There should be a full scale investigation into the tactics of CARID when it comes to them having to finally fork out a refund. they avoid it at all costs and make sure to make you go through *** to get it. Anyone considering them for the first time? Do yourself a favor and don't.

If you do get an item that has a problem, it is a given that they will do everything including lie right to you about giving you any service that leads to a refund. Get all chat logs and documentation and do not pay unless it is with PayPal or other card account with buyer protection. This company is indeed showing evidence of being a rip off kind of shop. They are not stocking anything.

Everything is drop shipped. They try to claim a defective item was "damaged in transit"so they can double dip on damage claims and manufacturer refunds to their account. All the while they make you wait until they get double paid before giving you any consideration for a refund you are more than entitled too. It seems a bunch of useless reps are handling their live chat just to keep you pacified long enough for more time to pass while they get further away from resolving any issues.

A real joke. Never in my life did I think a company online could be this effed up. And then CARID was born.

Hope someone destroys them completely one day. This company does not deserve to be permitted to do business online or otherwise.

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