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First, I'd like to say I am NOT the kind to write reviews on products. I buy online a lot problems several times a week and this is the first time I have wrote a product review in years.

I purchased a set (4) Fuel Maverick wheels with 305/55/R20 Terra Grappler Tires from CARID in October of last year to put on my brand new 2016 GMC Sierra. I opt'd to purchase from CARID to save myself roughly $300 from my local tire shop. CARID worked with me to split the shipping which was the only good part of the purchase.

Once I got the tires in I had my local tire shop install the valve stem pressure sensors then re-balance ($100 for that visit). The problem was they couldn't get the tires to balance properly. I went to a different tire shop in OKC and they tried to balance and could not get them in balance. The manager showed me read outs that 2 of the tires were severely out of balance to a point where they couldn't do the digital balance instead he had to do a static balance which was better than before but I still had a shimmy when hitting cruising speeds on the interstate. He recommend that I reach out to where I bought them to get an exchange ($100 for that visit).

I proceeded to contact CARID and spoke to several different people. If you have ever been on hold with CARID you know that you have to listen to some ridiculous guy spouting off useless trivia. For the first few times it was ok but after that it gets down right annoying. I guestimate I was probably on the phone or on hold for at least 3-4 hours trying to work this out. Ugh!

The first step they put me through was to do a road force balance test. Just so happens the tire shop I had chose not to buy tires from had one of these machines. This is where things went south. I assumed that CARID was going to take care of any future balancing costs associate with this purchase. Wrong! It was up to me to basically prove that I had a faulty wheel. I took my truck up there and the guy was able to work me in but told me it won't be for free. They balanced all 4 tires and was able to get all but one in balance. His report indicated that the wheel itself was out of round. I paid another $72.

I contacted CARID excited to have found the problem. I was met with more resistance in that they said this was not prove enough and they needed to see more details on the test. Mark Turner was the manager I worked with on this at CARID.

He said I had two options. First, option which was ridiculous was to take the wheel off demount the tire and ship back to CARID so they could run tests on it. I asked Mark what was I suppossed to drive my truck on in the mean time? Second, option which was more reasonable was to ship me another wheel to put on and drive on while they test the one I sent back. I took this option. Only caveat here was that if they didn't find any defect then I would be charged for the 5th wheel.

Feeling confident they had found the issue I went with option 2. I received return packing overnight but the 5th wheel didn't arrive for another 2 weeks. In the meantime I was getting harassing calls and emails from CARID asking where the return was at. I told them they hadn't shipped me the wheel yet. Frustrating!! Right hand is not talking to the left hand.

I finally received the wheel took it down to the same tire place that had done the road force balance. They installed the new wheel and balanced using the same machine as before. All my vibration problems were gone! Truck rides like a dream now.

I sent the wheel back and I get a call back from Mark and he indicated their warehouse didn't find anything wrong with it. He gave some lame excuse about putting a big tire on a lifted truck will be hard to balance. The issue was with the wheel and they were not willing to stand up for the customer to their supplier to say that. Instead they passed the buck on to me and I'm out another $300 on a wheel I don't need.

This was absolutely the worst shopping experience I have ever had. I will never buy from this company again. I told Mark that I will dispute with my credit card company and do what I can to tell my story to others to prevent them from making the same mistake.

I currently have an open dispute going with my credit card company and CARID to get my money back from them on the $280 for the 5th wheel plus the $32 to mount and balance the new wheel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carid Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service sucks mark turner needs to be fired.

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I will never buy from there too!!!! Thank you for taking the time to educate others!!!!

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