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I purchased three sets of lumen ledblow and high beem lights with driving lights. Lumin g8 led 6500 lumins.

I did love the product and the customer service until you have an issue. They offer a five year warranty which is a joke. My story is long and I will keep it short. My low bumper driving lights went out so I contacted them.

I felt light I was dealing with a start up company that did not know how to handle a warranty claim. So to clarify, I have spent 5 hours on the phone with them a half a dozen times, 38 emails, two dozen photos, then more calls and phots. They finally said ok we will warranty the light. Oh yeah I had to diag it my self one of my techs and they had not been satisfied with that.

When you have power coming out of you resister and the light does not work, you switch lights with the other side and it works- that tells me it is the light. So after two more calls and they had to talk to their techs to see if I checked it right. Might I also say I run several shops, so I know how to check electrical. After agreeing they stated they need a photo of the destroyed light and to cut the wire at the base of the bulb.

So I did and emailed them the picture while I was on the phone with them. The lady uploaded all my photos and the destroyed photo. I get an email later stating they would warranty the light bulb only. However they said it was a different bulb number and for a Dodge Durango.

Let me add, I even sent them copies of my invoices on the lights that i purchased so could they get it wrong. Once again I called them. On hold forever and *** customer service. The lady pulled up my claim and state it was a bulb for a 2006 Dodge Durango.

I said NO, If you look at my receipts and my account that I have for you I have a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500. I told her that is a wrong bulb. Look up the two car and they take different bulbs. It’s funny- she could not find a Dodge Ram-wow I so pissed by now.

She puts me on hold to call her tech. Finally she comes back and short answer says your right and the tech will fix it but we need a picture of the destroyed bulb. What waste more of my time. So Insent it to her while on the phone with her.

Rest assured all was ago at this time and it would ship by the 15-18 of January. I get another email telling me that the order will expire if I don’t submit a photo of the destroyed bulb- now I pissed. They still had the Wong bulb and the wrong car and they lied and not uploaded my photo.. my wife is laughing at me at this point.

I spent all night looking up every pasted email and every persons emails in their conpany the I had felt with in the past and new ones that I could find. I resent every email, every photo, every conversation to any and everybody in their company 31 times all night long. I have lost it at this point. I kept get canned emails that someone will return my call or email me back.

So I get an email the next day from the head custoner service rep apologizing to me for the run a round. I told him that is not enough. So now everyone knows I pissed and I am not going away. The corrected the Durango to a Dodge Ram and corrected the bulb to the correct one.

Once again insured me that it’s handled and that it will ship on the 25. So I excited again. I have a hard time driving at night the the factory *** yellowish lights. So I have always changed my lights the the clear white lights.

I get an email today stating that they now have pushed back my shipping date to February. They suck, they peopl suck, the policies suck, their prices suck, their techs if they exist must be the only one with a brain but you can’t talk to them, their follow up sucks, their warranty sucks, returns suck, dealing with them sucks, they don’t do what they say. I will never buy from them again and I will post and repost until everyone know how much they suck. I will not stop until I prove a point on how much they suck.

I’m the end I purchased 3 different sets of lumins products and even if they gave me all my money back and even sent we new bulbs with a new Dodge Ram connected to them- I still will not stop. THE SUCK and they/ everyone needs to understand that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Headlight.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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