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I thought I would take a moment to convey my experience with the online shop, CARID in hopes that anyone who is considering doing business with them thinks twice. My guess is that some of you are already thinking, "Oh no! You didn't do business with THEM?" Well, I did. Here's what happened. ....

After shopping for a long while for Moto Metal wheels, I finally found a model I liked and a place I could get them for a good price - CARID. I have a '01 F150 and the wheels didn't come in a 5 lug config. I was told by the salesperson that it was no prob and that they would get wheels drilled for my config. Cool. The salesperson was terrific (aren't they all?).

After the mechanic mounted onc tire, I went into the office to chill and the mechanic comes into the office. That's where everything started to go wrong. He pointed out that the other 3 wheels were spinning out of round. He suspected that the center hub core was drilled slightly off. After wanting to punch through a wall, the mechanic unmounted the tire, and took all the tires off the rims. $100 later, I left just as I came.

During all that, we discovered CARID had also sent the wrong lugs. I called CARID. Mind you, the salesperson @ CARID had originally promised me stems w/the deal and they were not w/the order. My shop charged me $10 per stem installed. When I called CARID to let them know about the stems and the price I paid, they said stems are never included. I told them that the salesperson specifically promised them. Finally, they said, "$10 is all we'll give you." They also didn't believe me about the lugs and wanted pictures (as if that would clarify anything!?). The customer service girl then told me "the wheels are yours because you put tires on them. You should've put the wheels on the machine first w/o tires!" I said, "WHO does THAT????!!! That was YOUR job to inspect them, not mine." We went back and forth as you could imagine. *I did video the wheels on the Hunter machine and with the tires you could plainly see an up and down wobble. Drastic it wasn't, but it was enough for a guy who installs tires and wheels all day everyday to say these weren't good, at all!

I finally spoke to a guy by the name of Justin who is the head of customer service. He 100% tried to create as many obstacles for me as possible. He said he wouldn't pay for ANYTHING, ZERO! He was 100% NOT on my side in tone, or anything really. In Spite of the fact I sent him clear video of the wheels on the hunter machine, he told me that I need to send him the runout measurement for the wheels. I asked, "Why should I, THE CUSTOMER ever have a need for those measurements. I came to you to buy rims, not *** around with runout measurements. That's the manufacturer's job, not mine. Plus, you can visually see the wheels are out!" He didn't care. He said, "you can't tell anything from the video." It truly seemed that he was throwing as many obstacles in the way in order for me to simply capitulate and say, "forget it... I'll keep the wheels." He went on to say that, "you know if those 3 wheels are out of round, you should go by a lotto ticket. I've been selling wheels for 15yrs and that stuff just doesn't happen. CAD machines don't make errors." I said - "oh sure they do.... when people put the wrong numbers in!" He simply kept a steady forceful vocal tone and told me "every shop can give you runout numbers." I said, "I'll get you the runout, but YOU are paying for the mechanic to run the wheels on the machine." Justin, "no I'm not."

It was at that point l I remembered something the mechanic said. "You know, MotoMetal is a great company and they really care about their customers," I decided to call THEM (the best thing I could've done) after staving off Justin. The (MotoMetal)phone rang in Cali. I spoke with a man named Arturo. I eventually got transferred to a "supervisor" (who I'll name later) who assured me he can get things done. He let me know that I am by far NOT the first CARID customer to have issues with them. I finally ...FINALLY felt someone was on my side. This contact eventually managed to bypass the *** Justin and get my return of the 3 wheels green-lighted. However, I had to call Justin in order to sort the details out. Justin was a mono-tone *** to me. Like a man-child who got told by higher-ups to "make this happen." He said that he's send me labels for shipping, charge my card an additional $600 (in order to get the new wheels started) and remove the charge once the defective ones were received. There were no apologies whatsoever, and he told me that if I buy that lotto ticket, I should send him the winnings. *** this guy!

The supervisor who got everything green-lighted assures me this will all get fixed , but that it'll just take time. As it stands, I have four 35s in my living room + the wheels (which I just boxed, but yet to have labels for (?) ). Indeed and finally, they are paying.

CARID is such an entire *** show.

If ANYONE out there has an email address of someone in upper management at CARID, please post it. I think management should at least know what is going on.

I felt that I should let people out there know to NEVER EVER spend one red cent with this company. There's always a chance things can go wrong and if they do, good luck. If I never thought to call MotoMetal themselves, this would all be on me.

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Pádraig O'Kane

Product or Service Mentioned: Carid Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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