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I ordered a hood form this the wrong was missing the scoop....called talked to juan..he said email pics. .so I did..then I called back..Juan was gone..I got some other guy...he tells me Juan is gone...but he she's the i ask him if my stock scoop would fit...he said the manufacture said yes it I tell him to refund me the 100 dollers...he tells me 24 to 48 hours it would b on my card..4 days letter after I... Read more

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I ordered wheels for my 2016 Mustang the first of August i was told custom color wheels would be 2-3 week's i was told the latest ship date would August 23. That came and went. Called to get excuse after excuse. Finally show up on September 28th a full 5 weeks later them promised. Took wheels to have new tires installed and i was sent chrome lug nuts and i ordered black wheels WOW! Called to see if they could send out black lugs and was told... Read more

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Carid - Horrible company, fradulent crooks
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CarId is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are crooks who sell used, broken, parts as new, and parts that don't fit. They then refuse to issue an RMA within 24-48 hours as their Return policy states. They will ask you for photos of "proof" over and over again over a span of weeks. They will hang up on yet, claim they never got your email, claim they didn't receive email attachments, claim they can't click on a link in an email, etc.... Read more

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To whom it may concern. Last week I purchased a set of four FCS struts for my car. After installation was completed, I noticed that the level of comfort and performance of these "new" struts was inferior than the old ones I just replaced. And, the noise coming from the front struts was louder than the old ones as well. After conducting a basic manual test is was easy to determine that the noise was related to these "new" struts. Today, after... Read more

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CARiD - False Advertising/Representation - Bad part and No help
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I ordered a remanufactured rack and pinion through Rock Auto, but cancelled the order after seeing the part on the CARiD website for a few bucks more, but NEW. No where on the site does it indicate that the part is remanufactured. When I called to order the part I specifically asked if the part was NEW and was told, Yes. When I took it to the shop to have it installed the mechanic realized that it was not a new part when he opened the box. ... Read more

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  • Sep 17
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Same pathetic story. Told wheels and tires were in stock. Ask how long to get to me...i was told 10 days. Received estimated shipping date 15 days after my order. Still no word. Yes I am pissed. Stsy away. Ho eitj Tire rack or some oyher reputable merchant. Never sgain from CARID.

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I ordered their cover King seat covers for a tocoma. Wasn't mad at the fact I spent $200 on some waterproof seat covers, I'm pissed at the fact they charged me $60.60 for shipping of a 8 lbs box. I call and their excuse is because I have a p.o. box and they're shipping it to it via usps. Told them it's states it's coming via UPS and it's being shipped to my home address. Her response was to hang up the phone. *** this company. Read more

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I have filed a dispute with CariD for $166.23 charged on 8/15/16. i have emailed CariD and have also left 2 voicemail with the supervisor for CariD and haven't gotten any responses. On the original receipt the confirmation email said they would attempt to deliver 3 times and after that my bumper would be returned. they said nothing about needing to set up a delivery time nor did they ask for a phone number with me i expected it to be delivered... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 07
  • #914743

I don't appreciate the mix-up of my order from CARiD after having spent thousands of dollars with them but I would never order a *** thing from them ever again.

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I will NEVER order anything again from Carid. I purchased several items. Each item, with one exception, was either damaged or the incorrect part all together. One of the items they claimed was my fault (documentation clearly proves otherwise), on another they sent a replacement when i was very clear i wanted a refund, and yet on another they gave me only a partial refund even though they sent me a different part from that which was ordered. ... Read more

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